Our Story

"Creating WOMANKIND is my homage to all women ‚Äď to our collective journey, our shared experiences, and our individual stories. WOMANKIND stands as a brave declaration of the wild, intricate essence of being a woman, eternally rhythmic and unapologetically powerful." -Alejandra

Alejandra's journey unfolded from her own experiences with hormonal imbalances, mental fog, and stress. Immersing herself in the world of medicinal plants, she uncovered a wealth of natural remedies.

This discovery inspired her to create a unique platform for women to reconnect with nature's apothecary and their own bodies' feminine rhythms, rediscovering the magic of plants that supported generations before us.

Lorena, a Naturopathic doctor with a strong focus on longevity and diet therapy seamlessly merges her expertise with Alejandra's vision. Together, they empower women with knowledge and tools to reconnect with (their own) nature and natural cycles, guiding them to unlock their full potential by embracing nature's wisdom.

Magdalena has been fascinated by the mysteries of womanhood and their cyclical nature since her own awakening to the wisdom and power that it holds. She has been teaching and gathering women in circle for many years and has joined the mission of Womankind to empower and support women through the lost art of plant wisdom, education and community.

Womankind believes deeply that health is a journey, not just a destination. We're inspired by the wisdom of plants and the intelligence of nature, inviting you to a path of self-discovery and the celebration of female strength and natural cycles. Central to our philosophy is a strong bond with Mother Nature, our ultimate guide, symbolizing powerful femininity. We commit to using only the best she offers, challenging traditional health approaches with a holistic view that respects ancient knowledge and embraces modern science.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

At Womankind, we believe in making a positive impact beyond the realm of wellness. That's why we're dedicated to donating 1% of every purchase towards initiatives that support biodiversity and empower women and children.

These organizations work tirelessly to safeguard our planet's diversity while nurturing the future generations who will inherit it. With every product you purchase, you're contributing to these noble causes, joining us in our commitment to create a better world for all.